As 2017 rapidly comes to an end we thought it would be nice to hold some end of year workshops. So if you would like to to treat yourself and your dog to an early Christmas present please read on!

We are holding two Scentwork Workshops and one Rally Workshop. Both of these doggy sports will build into your ‘relationship bank accounts’ with your dogs and will keep you both busy over the festive period and beyond!

Below is some brief information about the workshops. If you would like further information then please do get in touch but hurry, the first one is next week!!

November 28th – SCENTWORK LEVEL ONE. Turning your dog into a Detective!

An introduction to the world of Scent. Here you learn how the dog ‘reads the world through it’s nose’ and how to introduce the game.

Searches are short in the initial stages as we are teaching the dogs to ‘recognise’ a scent with his nose rather than looking for the ‘hide’ with his eyes!

Dogs do tire very quickly as this is a mentality tiring activity.

December 5th – RALLY

This doggy sport utilises several basic skills such as sit, down, stand, wait, walking in heel but is so much more! You will learn a variety of ‘moves’ which you can easily incorporate into your daily walks, training and everyday life in an upbeat and exciting way!

You will learn how to carry out the ‘moves’ by following a course of stations which test your skills but in a lighthearted and fun way…it is quite addictive!


Now the dog understands the ‘game’ we can begin to work with our dogs together as a team! Now the real fun begins as you learn when the dog is giving you ‘an indication’ that he is on the trail! We teach an ‘active’ indication rather than a ‘passive’ indication but more about this later! You learn to ‘trust’ your dog and his nose! You learn how to effectively cover and clear an area…together! You will be relying on each other !!

Your dogs will be tired and so will you!!!