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This course has been developed by the Dog Training College and taught under license. Our experienced Approved Canine Body Language Instructor Jan Rawlings also teaches this course for the Dog Training College on a regular basis.

Did you know that dog’s rely heavily on body language as their means of communication and much less through vocalisation? This sophisticated non-verbal method of communication called Canine Body Language enables dogs to primarily communicate their intentions.

We often miss these subtle methods of communications and this can cause behaviour to escalate even to a dog biting.

Learning how to read and interpret subtle body language and facial expression will allow us to understand what a dog is really trying to tell us.

Does a dog lying on its back really want a belly rub? Is a wagging tail a sign of a happy dog? Can dogs feel guilt?

This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result will change the way you interact with dogs forever. The course takes a deep dive into Canine emotions, why do dogs make the choices they do and how can we help them to make great choices! We also explore dog dog interactions including appropriate and inappropriate play.

This is the course your dog wants you to attend!

The course is offered with 4 hours certified CPD (Continued Professional Development).

By attending this workshop you will receive a Certificate and 80 page e-manual.

We offer the course throughout the UK and are happy to teach it bespoke at your dog club, training school or simply to a group of like minded friends who together would like to learn more about this fascinating subject!

Tickets are £55 and can be purchased by calling 07866 840222 or booking online. Please be aware that online bookings are subject to an additional booking fee.

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